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Who is Steve?

Posted: February 9, 2011 in About Me
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My name is Steve Wolf and I am 30 years old. I began ministering with a strength ministry team about 6 years ago. We used to break bricks, blow up hot water bottles, rip phone books and anything else we could do to capture the attention of our audience. Once we had that attention, we would go after our real purpose: to preach the Gospel. I will never forget taking the stage for the very first time in a little town called Mangum in Oklahoma. There were at least 500 people packed into a large tent – what a rush! We saw many salvations that night, and watched the power of God’s Word transform the lives of entire families. I later had the opportunity to speak in front of a huge(well huge to me) crowd of at least 700 people in Poteau, Ok. I was terrified; full of fear and self-consciousness. I was sweating buckets and it wasn’t from performing the feats of strength. I remember hearing of this Baptism of the Holy Spirit which was supposed to give you the power to witness with boldness. I decided I needed to look into that.

After receiving the Baptism, the Lord began to open the scriptures to me in a way I had never seen before. I could finally see how the Word is living and powerful. I quickly learned of the gifts of the Spirit, and the power and authority we have as believers. I saw how God had already given us the victory in every area of our lives, and was now on fire to spread His message of unconditional love and Grace to the world. I later became the Associate Pastor of a small, Spirit-filled, uncompromising, Bible-believing, Grace preaching church in Tulsa, Ok.

I have written two books: Church Can Ruin You And Religion Can Kill You and my recent manuscript: Revealing the Unknown God. There’s more on them in the “Books” section of this blog. Currently, God has given me a desire to minister to His body- the church. I believe there are so many Christians being corrupted with false doctrines and religious traditions of man. I believe it is time for the true Gospel to return to our churches. Let’s let the watered-down and twisted messages give way to the power of God unto salvation- the real Gospel. Empty words and useless traditions will look silly in the presence of the Holy Spirit and power. It is God’s good pleasure to confirm the preaching and teaching of His Word with signs and wonders following.