Listen Up Men II

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

(continued from Listen Up Men)

I believe one of the main areas that men try to carry care is in finances. Here are two ways to alleviate worry and care in this area – thereby freeing you to focus on what God wants you to be focusing on:

1) Change your perspective. Take a deep breath, back up, and see things from God’s point of view and not your own. God is our source. Your job is just one resource. Your Daddy owns all the cattle on a thousand hills. God is pleased with the prosperity of His people. We’ve already been blessed. We’ve already been anointed to get wealth. Remember, God is the one that placed a value on gold – and then He paved His streets with it! And we are partakers of His Divine nature.

2) Operate in the system He’s given us. He’s given us the kingdom, and shown us how it operates. Our part is to believe that His system works even though it is the exact opposite of the world’s system. We must believe Him when He says: Give, and it will be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. The world says: Penny pinch your way out of debt. God says: sow your way out of debt. We need to be faithful in “the least of these” (money) and believe Him when He says, “Try Me now in this (tithing)” When God Himself challenges you to “try Him” in something – you better believe He will be faithful to perform it what He has promised.

We are to simply plant the seed, water it with the words you speak over it, and make room for the harvest! You don’t dig it up to look at it. You can dig it up by saying something like, “Well I guess it didn’t work.” It is not our concern how it grows, or the exact steps involved. You don’t have to figure out with your brain how everything will come to pass- that’s God’s job. We just know that by His Word , we give, and it is multiplied back to us!

In Summary:

Develop an “I don’t care” attitude. 1Cor 7:32 “But I want you to be without care…” We need to cast ALL of our care/the worrying about the how. The how is none of your business. Humble yourself and give that care to God. We are not plugged into the world’s system. We live by faith and our finances operate in the kingdom. We are highly favored. Finally, why does God want us to cast all of our care upon Him? -So that we can use the gifts, talents, and abilities He’s given us for furthering the kingdom instead of trying to “hustle a buck,” or “scratch out a living.” Matt 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Don’t be distracted by worry – instead, believe!

Don’t get worn out by carrying care – instead cast it!

When someone says, “take care” say “no thanks!”


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