Spirit of Infirmity?

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Healing
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What is a spirit of infirmity?

Every disease has a life- a germ, which causes it to function. That evil life in
the germ did not come from God because it kills and destroys human life. It is
from Satan. It is that evil life: or spirit of infirmity that gives life to the
disease, or growth, just as your spirit gives life to your body.

    Just as your body, when the spirit leaves, it dies (James 2:26) and returns
to the dust, so your disease, when the spirit of infirmity is cast out, dies and

    We all grow from a tiny cell. The life of that cell came from God. The body
lives because the life in the cell or "spirit of life" which God caused to
exist- grew and developed until it became a complete human body. So long as that
life, or spirit, remains in the body, the body continues to live. But as soon as
the spirit leaves the body, the body is dead; it decays and returns to dust.

    Many human sicknesses and diseases begin from a tiny germ, an evil Satanic
life, sent to live in and posses the human body and to destroy it. As long as
that life- that spirit of infirmity exists in the body, the growth or disease
lives and continues its destructive work. But as soon as the evil spirit- the
evil life or spirit of infirmity has been cast out of the body in Jesus' name,
that disease or growth becomes dead. It will decay and pass away from the body.
This is the process of healing.

    Dr.'s agree that a cancer is a living thing, and if one could expel the life
from cancer, the effects of that cancer would disappear from the body. But two
lives are warring against each other: the evil life of the cancer, and the
divine life from God which is in your body. Any medical method of destroying the
life of the cancer jeopardizes the life of the body.

    What is the answer? Only faith in the supernatural power and authority of
the name of Jesus! Command that spirit of infirmity to die and come out in
Jesus' mighty name, and it has to obey. I have seen this work over and over

Matt 8:16 "When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were
demon-possessed and he cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were
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